Finals, goldie, fine.

It’s Vince’s week for winter term finals. He’s done with 2 out of 4 and then his spring break. He’s doing great – being out of the pandemic has been great for him. So pleased to see him trying out different things to see what he likes and making plans with friends. He’s not coming home for spring break – I think he’s going to try and explore SF for a few days and then he promised me he’d do his tax filing. (I need to do that too – not my first! and hopefully not my last! Sigh. – not that I have to pay taxes. I get a lot of services for my taxes, I don’t mind the paying. I just mind the doing.)

We are dog sitting for Scarlett for about a month. Her human dad is all prepped and ready to go for his stem cell transplant. Lots of good vibes to be sent out to him and his family. This dog could not be any more friendly. Golden retriever to the max.

The shift yesterday was fine! Busy but fine. Everyone was stable. Not everyone was not annoying. But I’ll take that over unstable anyday. Only three covid patient. Unbelievable.

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