School birthday.

We had a very nice birthday yesterday – we went to Edda’s school and danced and ate cupcakes. I had mentioned to a couple of friends that sometimes the day is happy/sad for me, but really, it was mostly surprisingly happy for me. As I fell asleep last night – I kind of sighed and told Jeremy I don’t have children anymore! He laughed and said you don’t have minor children anymore. I said – yeah, I only have major children now. I think we did ok, lots of luck – lots of love. There were lots of bumpy moments and moments especially very close to Edda’s diagnosis that I didn’t think we would make it, but we did our best and now our kids are legally grown ups. Our kids are great.

They got Edda a new fancy chair at school which I was impressed by. I think we may need to get this for home, it has lateral supports which help her sit up straight. She leans a lot now.

Lots of balloons! It was a half day and aftercare doesn’t operate on half days, so we bundled her up and all came home together.

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