The end of birthday week!

Yesterday, we had one last birthday party at Edda’s aftercare – cupcakes all around. Edda’s neighbor unwrapped his cupcake and carefully placed it on a napkin and admired it the entire time. Every once in a while, he’d lean in and take in a large inhale of cupcake infused aroma and smile satisfied. One of the staff was like – you can eat that! and he demurred and leaned in and enjoyed his cupcake the way he wanted to enjoy it. Jeremy said -well, the cupcake lasts longer that way.

We had invited Noah over for dinner and a sleepover and usually, Mike and Sofie are there, but last night, I felt like we were partied out from our week of parties and didn’t invite them over. Noah asked in the middle of dinner rather softly – is Sofie coming? And I said – no, most of the time, it’s quiet here. I think almost all the times he’s been here, it’s been a party-like atmosphere. And he looked really, really hurt. So then we started to watch Encanto – but then there are some intense scenes and we had to switch. I was like – what Disney movie doesn’t involve any scary scenes? I came up with nothing and so we all settled into watching Little Einsteins. Here’s Noah looking worried.

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