argh. now i’m positive.

So…because Jeremy was positive and Edda and I were both negative (PCR tested), we decided to do this week’s spring break trip without Jeremy. We were going to go to Asheville with Jeremy’s parents, their friends from NYC and our downstairs tenants and friends Ning, Brian and Noah. I rapid tested on Sunday morning – negative, so Jeremy’s parents came down for the night while Jeremy stayed hidden away and we were going to drive down today.

But! I tested positive this morning about 30 minutes before we were to leave. Waa, waa, waa, waaaahhh. Oh well. We sent Bob and Katherine on their own. Their friends are flying in from NYC. Ning and Brian are already halfway to Asheville visiting family this past weekend.

Jeremy did get quite sick from Covid this past week – with relatively high fevers and not feeling good. But I feel almost fine. Like 95-98 %. I’ve had a tickle in my throat since Sat night and a very intermittent cough/sneeze. I ran 8 miles yesterday (when I tested negative) with the same symptoms I have today. I hope I did not get Jeremy’s parents sick – I masked and stayed away from them for the few hours we were together yesterday. They got their 2nd boosters last week. We made it more than 2 years without getting sick – neither of us have gotten our 2nd boosters, though now there might not need to be a need.

Anyways, I’m in isolation now, and Jeremy is minding Edda. I took care of Edda all last week, I’m hoping I didn’t give it to her. I was pretty good about masking around her and taking turns eating so I was always masked feeding her. I think Jeremy is happy to have access to the kitchen again.

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