The most boring spring break ever.

So I’m still sick. Everyday, we get up and we each do a rapid test. We are going through them rapidly (lol). Today Jeremy is almost negative. I’m still pretty strongly positive. I’m sick, but I’m not as sick as Jeremy was last week. I think somehow, this has changed my idea of what I should work through and what I should rest through. In before times, I would have doggedly gone through my days and worked full days at my present level of sickness and just felt “worn out”, but this week – kind of because I had already thought this was my spring break week and somehow because I have a test that gives me a clear purple line that says – hey dude, you are sick! – I did take the time off as sick time and I’m mostly trying to rest. I look back and think, why did I drag myself to work so many times not feeling well? I don’t know. There were whole semesters in college where I had colds that seemed to last for weeks which now I think was due to scrimping on sleep and that I wasn’t eating well and because I was so overworked, I just couldn’t kick the cold. Anyways, this covid will take a full week to get out of my system, I can tell it’s a sticky one, I’ve have had pretty much the same level of sickness for three days now. I hope it doesn’t turn into a long covid thing. I am doing small things, attending some work meetings where I have to only be there, I’m working on estate planning and bills, etc. But only at a lowish, slow level.

I feel very well taken care of, Jeremy is minding Edda (who is laughing and very happy and very negative) and he’s cooking me my meals. I’ve had people offer to get me food. Vickey send me a fruit bouquet which I was very surprised and excited to receive.

It’s wonderful that I don’t have to isolate from Jeremy, only from Edda. So he makes a delicious dinner and feeds Edda first and then settles her next to the tv and we eat dinner outside.

I’ve been able to give Jeremy a haircut.

Vince called yesterday and said – hey mom. And I smiled and said kind of pitifully, I have the ‘rona. And he said – I know, I’m sorry, I hope you feel better soon. I told him to wear his mask more and get tested himself and he may have kind of rolled his eyes. He’s having a good time. He hosted a dinner party last weekend. He’s planning on going to the beach next weekend.

He made sheet pan pizza for his friends which he says was super delicious. We talked about how expensive groceries were and how to host parties on a budget.

He looks and is happy. I can kind of see in him bits of myself, but also he is entirely his own person, figuring it out like the rest of us.

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