Bug love, bug hug.

I spoke with Vince yesterday. He does call less now that he’s busy, but we try to talk at least once a week. The time zones make it hard, he wants to call when we are already asleep – this time we chatted when he woke up and I was the the Trader Joe’s parking lot. This time he asked if I would still love him if he was a bug – he said it wasn’t related to Kafka – it was an internet thing. As such, I did not know of this thing – but I answered and said I’d love him in any form, but I wanted to know if he would be a human sized bug or a bug sized bug? He said that he hadn’t thought about it that much. I said I would prefer a human size bug because then I would, generally, always be able to find him to give him a big bug hug. Or I could ask anyone on the internet – hey – where the that human sized bug now? And google would know.

Edda and Scarlett are still enjoying each other’s company. I was moody yesterday, hopefully a more productive/less moody type day today.

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