Science fair, scout banquet.

I’ve been in a mood recently – a little down, feeling sorry for myself. For what reason, I know not. Just the regular things that are sad and unfixable. But there are lots of things bring me joy. I try to focus on that.

I went to Sofie’s science fair on Friday night at the elementary school. She did an electrical experiment involving potatoes and lemons and our multimeter. Lol. I held out the program to her and had her direct me to various experiments she found interesting (mainly manned by her friends). I spent the hour walking around and asking kiddos to tell me about their experiment.

One of my favorites was about chromatography. I love chromatography in a strange way. I spent many hours in an organic chemistry lab running chromatography columns willing my organic synthesis to have worked. I was not a very good synthetic organic chemist. But it doesn’t mean I don’t love a good chromatography column/experiment. And this one was particularly beautiful, you ran the chromatography on coffee filters and then made them into flowers. Art and science at the same time. I was so impressed by these kids! You so quickly forget what a 2nd grader is like or a 4th grader when you aren’t raising a 2nd or 4th grader. They are so so cute and they are so cute explaining their experiment to me. Each was willing to explain. Some of them read from their poster, other kids spoke extemporaneously, some kids had chocolate, other kids let me handle slime.

I’m still getting used to large groups of people, I feel handicapped or traumatized or triggered or whatever the word is by the state of the pandemic, and even though I’ve had covid, I have no idea what is happening. I want to feel like the world is a safe place, but it always feels unsafe to me now. I walked around and took masked/not masked data.

Jeremy reprised his role as Scout Banquet chief chef. It has been cancelled for two years, but Jeremy was the last one to cook it and they wanted a “passing of the torch” as is the scout troops desire. So Jeremy rode 80 miles on his bike in the morning and then cooked for 80 people at night.

Edda and I did not go, rather, we stayed home and folded laundry. But Jeremy took home some of the leftovers for us.

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