I won’t bury the lede – Jeremy has covid. Felt bad Monday night and then Tuesday morning (who knew these things worked?! lol).

He’s fine – mild symptoms. Body aches, headache, low fever, congestion. It all responds well to Motrin and he sends me pictures of his pulse ox. Ever since the known exposure on Sunday night, we’ve been masking around each other and sleeping in different rooms. And once we got the positive result, we moved Jeremy and his work computer into the guest room where he remains this morning hanging out by himself and a bunch of squishmallows. I would say he’s bored. He’s intermittently sleeping/working.

I’m fine. I feel good. I’m negative. But, you know, every tickle-y thing in your throat, every itch in your nose, makes one feel like – omg, I’m getting sick. Edda seems fine too. She’s going to school. But we cancelled anything in the house – childcare, dinners, etc.

We are having the water main on our street replaced, so they ran these bypass pipes along the side of the street and ran garden hoses to the houses for water. Someone ran into one of the connecting spigots last night and created a geyser which flooded the street. We are a lot of fun here.

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  1. So sorry. I’ve been worried for y’all ever since I knew you were exposed. Didn’t say anything cause I didn’t want to put it out into the universe bout you getting it. My superstition theory didn’t work. Sorry. Sigh. We both have too. We’ve been sooooo careful for 3 years now. One of us tests every single friday for at least a year now since I’m around elderly and little kids. Both of us got monoclonal infusions. They come to your house here! Only place in the country that does that. About the only thing our goof ball governor has done right! Helped too. Bit sobering to have a nurse & emt in full ppe gear show up at your front door! Feel better soon Jeremy. Covid sucks. Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop. Keeping all of you in my thoughts! Sending love.

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