Dentist and NP

We went to the dentist on Tuesday. I needed to remember to not feed Edda breakfast in the mornings before the appt because she tends to gag and last time, she threw up a bit. It was fine. We are not doing a good job with her teeth, which is why we do cleanings every three months. Edda tends to pocket her food and with this comes plaque buildup. She is fed lots of snacks during the school day and at aftercare (this is an issue because we are trying to watch her weight) and I know they don’t clear her mouth well after the snacks. Even if she drinks deeply after the snack, I know I’ve found chunks of food lodged in strange places in her mouth.

I went to the hospital on Wed. It was a fine shift, though I had a patient who was not doing well (but was relatively stable), which is stressful. Constantly checking on her and her family. Often I feel like crying during my shifts for no good reason, but I’m also, at moments, very content during the shifts as well. Earlier in the week, Jeremy suggested that I apply for NP programs (which I had always thought I’d do) to switch up the nursing part of my life and so I started an application and asked for recommendations. I’m ambivalent about this next step – but it feels good to start working on something.

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