Ning, Brian and Noah are moving out of our basement apartment at the end of June and our previously full house seems to be shrinking and becoming quieter all the time. All these things overlapped and weave in/out of each other and might not have been all at the same time, but at some point in the last few years it seemed like we had the four of us, our two dogs, a young au pair, our downstairs tenants and their baby and then their dog. Soon it will be down to only the three of us which seems ridiculous for such an enormous house. We returned Scarlett back to her home earlier this week and almost immediately, I went looking for a doggie for us.

I went through my old emails and I found photos of Maxi (who was named Curio) before she became part of our family and I found photos of her and her mom! I had forgotten about that, we really miss Maxi.

Last night at dinner, I asked Jeremy which dog we should pick from the list of doggies from K9 lifesavers. I was drawn to a Lab mix who is shy but loves babies, kids and other dogs and is an indiscriminate eater. A little older than a puppy – really a doggie teenager. We’ll see what happens.

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