And into the weekend.

Jeremy is a very good Pokemon trainer. He has Pokemon all over the city after traveling to work all this week. Here they are exploring the C&O canal. *there is even a shadow on the ground!*.

I’ve been watching my fig tree. It has many new leaves.

Edda had an end-of-the-year picnic on Friday and it happened to end up right next to our house. I walked there with Elka.

Elka has worn us down. She doesn’t like the crate, but she doesn’t fight it. But she’ll wake up at 4 am wanting to be released and after a while, I was like – she doesn’t need to go out, she just wants to be near us. It is in her nature. So last night we invited her up at 4 am and we all slept in a literal dogpile until the late hour of 7 am. Unbelievably luxurious. Seriously – this is how she loves to spend the day, nestled right next to someone. (And I want to sleep with her. I’ve never had a dog who really wanted to sleep right next to me and now that I have one, I kind of want it all the time.). She is still working on housebreaking – we had an accident friday night, but I could see her do it and I corrected her.

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