Downtown, patient, fig trees.

Jeremy went downtown on the god damn Metro yesterday and went to work. And he’s biking to work today – more meetings. This means that he’s been out of the house every working day this week! He says he’s not used to leaving the house so much – the grooves of his daily routine in the house are worn very deep and he forgets mainly how to time his coffee consumption to not impact his sleep routine and how much time commuting actually takes. And now I’ve been home working myself all these days which I’ve wanted for 2 years, but now feels weird. I’m jelly of Jeremy because he got to play pokemon go downtown and left his pokemon in gyms all over DC yesterday. At metro centers, in museums, etc.

I went to Rachel’s last night to be a mock patient for one of her NP class video project. She fed me Popeye’s chicken and I complained on video about my real shoulder pain.

I could only stare at her beautiful fiddle leaf fig tree in the background and hope that mine will be as beautiful some day. #figtreegoals.

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