(This is Jojo). It was a fine weekend with Jojo in the house. Jeremy and I are pretty good at entertaining each other in the confines of our house as we are still in the middle of a pandemic. There are at least 7 kids/staff out at the autism program at Edda’s school and then yesterday we found out 5 kids/staff are out in her program. Did she have it last week? I have no idea. We do the testing, it’s never positive. Anyways, we were home all weekend with the two dogs. It was fine/stressful. We’ve only had Elka for a week (and we keep forgetting her name), and so she’s not quite adjusted to her home – so not housebroken nor crate trained. And then we add JoJo who is slightly annoyed that Elka is a pesky youngster and not Scarlett who is usually at our house. Anyways, there was a lot of peeing and pooping (which one is always the mystery, probably the puppy, but it was so often! and we were taking them out every 2 hours – so mostly marking pee, I suppose.) in the house (and some poop eating) and a stolen block of cheddar cheese and stick of butter which were immensely enjoyed. We like the name Elka – but neither of us can really remember it and reverted to calling the two dogs Goofball (Elka) and Puffball (JoJo) until we found Elka surreptitiously eating poop and then we’d call her Poopyface which, unfortunately, is the easiest name to remember. So easy that I tend to revert to it under non-poop circumstances and then Jeremy says we can’t call her that and then 3 hours later when Jeremy finds her eating poop – he yells out Poopyface is eating poop again. And then I said – I thought we weren’t allowed to say that name anymore!

We are easily entertained.

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