Covid and sleep.

Isabella (Edda’s camp counselor) and Eliana (Edda’s weekend caregiver) both tested positive for Covid last week. They do not see each other, they know of each other, but have never met – so they caught it from different people. We generally do not mask in the house anymore, though we have done it in the past. Isabella was working on here on Friday night, having dinner with us and preparing to give Edda a shower and tuck her into bed when I heard a few sniffles and coughs coming from her direction. She said she was at the doctor’s on Thursday (the day before) for a well check up (for which she was 100% well) for college and they offered a PCR (?) test and that was negative and she took a rapid on Friday am (with the slight cough) and that was negative and she went to work (with Edda, all day!) – but I quickly sent her home on Friday night and tucked Edda into bed myself. The text came in on Sunday that she was positive. So we are testing Edda each day before we send her to camp. Edda has not yet gotten covid (Vince has not yet either, which I can not believe). Edda has had many lengthy and known exposures, so I’m not sure quite what is going on. We will just have to wait.

Last week was very active and stressful and in response, I’m trying to pull back and make it a quiet week to recover. Slow the socializing, cull obligations, reduce the running and sleep more. Both Jeremy and I enjoy using our Garmin watches to track our sleep – esp our body batteries. It’s not that easy to get yourself to 100 every morning. In order to do that, it really needs to be lights out at 9pm, which means we need to be getting ready for bed at about 8:30 – which is craziness. But we try.

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  1. Fingers crossed on the Edda covid exposure. Sure am sorry!!!

    FYI- When I got covid, I tested negative twice with my home tests before I tested positive at docs. He said I just didn’t have enough viral load yet to test positive. I felt “kinda” bad for 2 days before I ever tested positive. After first negative test I thought allergies because that is so common here. Next day when I tested negative again because I felt a bit worse, I thought flu. Nope.

    Had I not stayed home out of an abundance of precaution I would have been a super spreader! I was supposed to go to a 93 years and a 90 year old bday. Two different events one of which several people had diabetes. (Scott got it because he didn’t take my advice and sleep in another room). He’s taking my advice now!

    At this point, I’m not so sure the home tests are a good way to deal with covid anymore. When folks tell me they tested negative I think “yep” so did I.

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