First day of school!

Jeremy went downtown last night to see his boss (who works in California) and is in town for a few days. There was a happy hour from 4-6 pm and it wasn’t a great time as Jeremy’s parents, Vince, Tianpei and Edda’s first day of school were all overlapping at that time. But Jeremy hasn’t seen his boss (who he likes very much) in three years and didn’t want to pass up the opportunity. So he headed downtown in the late afternoon. It was exactly the same time that 1) I discovered that Edda’s aftercare doesn’t start until next week because the bus depot called and said – ummm, do you have a kid who goes to this aftercare? and I was like ummm, yeah…, and they were like, she’s back at the school because the aftercare is closed and 2) Vince wanted all the administrative help with filling out onboarding documentation for a job that he should have probably done 2.5 weeks ago and because of all this extra socializing, we are both under-slept and snippy. He’s like mom – what’s my SSN? And I’m like (a little uppity)- you should know your SSN. And then he sighs a big sigh and rolls his eyes and says – these forms make me want to die.

So I pick up Edda at 4pm (!) at school, in a sopping wet diaper because of the extra long bus ride (diaper/pants/wheelchair seat/shirt all wet). And then I came home and helped Vince find his SSN and get Edda into new clothes and wash the wheelchair seat and then Jeremy came home (I did not bother to text him any of this information because there was nothing to be done) and then we had Korean take-out and went to bed early-ish and woke up and everything is better. I took Vince to National at 6:30 am and he gave me a big hug and told me adulting is hard (the forms and various move-in things (like figuring out rent and how to get three people to pay with one check… are still not yet finished)) and that we’ll see each other soon.

On the drive home I thought, I’m a lucky bastard. So so lucky. I love my family and love that there are apartments and jobs to start, an aftercare to go to, a husband who will celebrate with me with leftover cake and family to make my house full. Even though it drives me crazy at the exact same time.

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