Summer is over.

Summer is over. Vince left for California early Tuesday morning. Bob and Katherine left late morning (taking Pip, with Elka looking forlornly out the door as they left). Tianpei left for Rutgers early Wed morning. And now we are just ourselves again.

Vince got to California (smoothly through the air travel and connections), all upset because of the stress of moving in. But it got straightened out in the end (after a bunch of phone calls which threw me for a loop and left me anxious and unable to sleep) and he’ll move in today. He’s having meals with his roommates parents and driving their cars(!). They (with the kind parent) had to pick up a moving van from a neighboring town and they didn’t want to leave the car at the moving truck place and it turns out no one else has their driver’s license except Vince and so it was he who drove an enormous Highlander across town back to Davis. He was like – omg! – I have never focused so hard on driving in my life. Full concentration – as is appropriate for driving someone else’s car for the first time.

To cap off the end of summer, I went stand up paddle-boarding at Black Hills regional park. I have a nurse friend who goes all the time and was trying to convince me to go. I didn’t really need convincing, it’s just that I don’t have a SUP. She managed to borrow one for me, and we had a great time on the lake. The weather was perfect. It was a little bit windy, which makes for a paddling workout, but I don’t shy away from the workout. My tender right shoulder, which has been giving me trouble (at times incredibly painful) for almost 2 years now, was quiet and held up to the paddling. Normally, I wouldn’t do this again and again, but my friend goes all the time and I would go with her. We spent the afternoon looking at SUP online – I’m afraid I’ll buy one and never use it. But this lake is 20 minutes from the house.

Jeremy went on a beautiful bike ride.

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