Samoyeds and Vince.

Well, it was just craziness yesterday. Eliana is minding Edda for most of the day, but was worried about being away from her three dogs for so long, so we encouraged her to bring all the samoyeds to the house. As soon as she brought the dogs in, Jeremy pulled into the driveway with Vince from the airport – so much sensory overload for everyone involved! There was pooping in the house, there was barking and wrestling in the house. It was crazy and fun! omg.

I look at this photo and can see the old crazy Chinese grandmother in me. My clothes are oversized and really only appropriate for being in the house, but somehow I wear them in public. My arms are akimbo and I’m slightly hunched surveying the scene. My glasses are not fashionable and I’m not only wearing something to hold my hair back, but I’m also inexplicably wearing a headlamp (note that it is daylight outside and well lit in the house) – wtf? I’m a crazy person.

And Vince is home and I’m happy he’s with us. My only request is that he try to have dinner with us most night. I immediately took him to the dentist and they said his wisdom teeth need to come out. But not this time, maybe next time. Then he slept the rest of the day because he didn’t sleep at all on the flight. I can’t believe it, I’ve been on flights (non-red-eye), where as soon as I slip into the seat, I fall asleep. I miss the takeoff, the snacks, the crying babies, the movies, the turbulence, and I only wake up when we are pulling up to the gate at the destination. He’s encouraging us to watch movie – his choice is Everything Everywhere All at Once – which we are doing, in our traditional manner, 20 minutes at a time! So us old people can have lights out at 10 pm. haha.

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