Anticipation, glasses, bolts.

I’m trying to work on enjoying anticipation more. I tend to not get excited about things that are going to happen in the future because I’m a pessimist and think exciting things are mostly going to fall through, so why get excited about them beforehand? But I think if I can decouple the anticipation from the outcome of the event, it might be worth working on. I think I can get a lot of joy from thinking about a future happy event and not be too disappointed if it doesn’t come about.

Elka continues her destructive streak. She ate Vince’s glasses last night. Glasses! I bought him two pairs in the spring and now both are gone. The first on he sat on – probably 4 weeks from when he got them. And now this one is eaten. We laughed and Jeremy said something about how lucky we are to be able to afford new glasses/shoes/remote controls that the puppy destroys and we don’t get particularly angry. I countered with a reply that said – oh, I didn’t think the lifetime of the glasses were going to be long anyways and I budgeted for that lifespan and spent only $40 on each pair and I intend to do the same again this fall. I’m just astonished that Elka finds glasses appealing to chew, they aren’t particularly chewy or stinky. But just now, Jeremy pulled some nail clippers and a bolt from her mouth. Perhaps this is a commentary on how I keep house. 😉

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