Shoe, teeth, accident (everyone is OK!)

The shoe destruction continues unabated. Though Elka hasn’t had a pee accident in the house for a few days now. She has transferred her mischievousness to chewing things.

The dogs play well together. Don’t let this photo fool you, there is no true viscousness in Elka. When they play battle, Elka will let Pip be alpha and roll Elka onto her back and nip at Elka’s neck and ears. And then Elka will flip over and pull back her lips and bare her teeth in mock ferociousness. They will miss each other when they part ways in about a week.

We had a nice weekend, but it started off scary – Vince went to Shenandoah with friends and they got into a car accident on the way there. Everyone is OK, no one got hurt (in either car) – but the car is totaled. You know, your heart kind of stops when you get that text from your kid… yikes. They were actually taking two cars, so after the car was dealt with (the parents of the driver went out there to eyeball everything/everyone and arrange for the car to be towed), they consolidated into one car and kept the camping trip going. Vince reported that the camping trip was a lot of fun (except for the car totalling part).

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