Hang time.

I got to hang out with Vince for a few hours yesterday ;). Sometimes, it’s hard to do that with his sleep schedule and his friend schedule. We had dinner together as a family and then we went to REI to buy him a new duffle bag to replace the LLBean one he flew home with that we bought in 2005 to move to Singapore and has been on many, many flights since then. He hadn’t really seen Pike and Rose before, so that was fun. A nice summer evening with all of us and it was packed. Restaurants were full and the atmosphere engaging. Jeremy, unbelievably, made us walk all around to play pokemon go and defeat gyms and find pokemon we don’t have. That was fun. We went to a cute Japanese snack store and bought some asian snacks including weird flavored KitKats. Then we came home and watched another 20 minutes of Everything, Everywhere All at Once.

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