Summer kid update.

Vince is getting on a plane in a few hours to take red eye home. We haven’t “seen” him since Christmas, though through FaceTime, I feel like I see him all the time. He had a good summer, taking one biology course, which he enjoyed immensely and put a lot of work into it (to the surprise of his father. I like biology and Jeremy finds it…full of memorization) and working at the coffee lab testing various roasts and brewers (?) and running in to the general frustrations that come with research. He bought some rollerblades and enough friends spent the summer on campus that he did have people to hang out with which is what I was initially worried about (my own summers on my college campus were lonely-ish, I had full time jobs, but few friends on campus). The biggest issue with the summer is/was moving so we got a few frantic calls regarding moving logistics. Last summer, he came home and we rented a storage unit for him for the summer. All he needed to do was move his stuff into the unit which he did himself by renting a zip car (he didn’t really have any college friends at the end of his freshman year). This year, his lease ends the 15th (he is renting a school apartment) and his new lease (non-school) starts the afternoon of the 1st. So, he could put all his stuff in his friends’ apartments who are mostly in non-school apts, but turns out that their leases all end on the 31st. So the question is where to put stuff for the 12-18 hours where no one has a lease (and where to sleep!) when the month turns over. And the whole town of Davis moves on the 1st, so procuring rental moving vans is tricky. But he figured it out mostly on his own – just a few calls to us to vent his anxiety/frustration and the terrible/terrific realization that he will have to move many times in his life – and now all the boxes are tucked in a friend’s apartment with assistance of a truck-owning friend and the return airplane flight got moved from the 31st to the 30th to tend to the moving that will need to happen on the 31st. He is leaning into and relishing college life, I enjoy watching it unfold from here.

Edda had a really wonderful summer at camp JCC with her counselor from last year, Isabella. Edda gets to swim and get tan. The field trips came back this year and Edda and Isabella enjoyed them together. Edda has also successfully weaned off of Keppra and remains only on Trileptal (which I’m not sure she needs either) and seems happier and more alert. Laughing more frequently which is always a joy for me. I navigated the closing of her aftercare with some despair, but coming through with much help from various people for pep talks and ideas and logistics. Two more weeks with everyone home, probably driving each other crazy and then, we are all off for the new school year.

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  1. Ohhhhh Edda looks so happy and pretty in the pool picture!

    Groan I hat moving! Especially with 400 albums to deal with! But way to go Vince navigating moving so many times. Tho I am not surprised. Organization is in your blood whether you know it or not. I’ve seen it firsthand with your parents and all the scheduling they do! You come from a long line of super organized Lee’s& Martins from Emmy to Ben to Doris to your dad. Kiki and Bob too. While I can’t speak specifically to Rena and Noel something tells me they are also good at moving and you got much of their organization skills as well. Good job!

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