Matilda, cubanos, doggies.

I went, last night, to see Matilda with Sofie in the title role. She smashed it out of the park – 90 lines, a solo song, I am so proud of her. I missed Alice intensely this week, wishing she could see Sofie, not only at the play, but also to see all the hard work Sofie and Mike did together. Going through the lines every night, 1,000 times according to Mike – Mike voicing all the other parts.

Jeremy made cubano sandwiches this week for dinner with Mike and Sofie on Tuesday.

I’ve been quiet on the blog because I worked at the hospital a lot this past week. I did myself a favor and took time off of my desk job while working a full time nursing schedule for a week. I did this because Vince is coming home!!! And I didn’t want to put in any shifts at the hospital while he is here.

Elka and Pip are good friends. I can’t believe it, really. They will spend a long time happily playing with each other.

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