Transport phenomenon.

(This is a photo of Vince at Powell’s Books in downtown Portland. Isn’t the person in front of him a perfect example of a Portland-er? – like if you plucked them out of the photo and put them in a photo studio and asked – ok, which major US city does this person belong to, you’d say – Portland!)

Vince started class yesterday! So late! I can’t quite believe it. Finally, he’s in his junior year, it’s time to take fluid dynamics. It’s a class that my parents (my mom’s PhD thesis is on fluids) took and then I took – like 3 times, literally (and then miserably failed my qualifying exam at Caltech on it) and now Vince is going to take it. He’s been hearing about the Navier-Stokes equation for years and I’m afraid he’s going to get it tattooed on his body under the ideal gas law which is already tattooed onto his body, but he wisely decided to delay it until he learned about it at school. He is known around campus as the guy with the ideal gas law tattoo, which I’m both happy about (it’s my favorite equation) and like omg, he’s such a nerd about. I was wondering if he’d be using Bird, Stewart and Lightfoot (BSL) like my parents did and I did, but he is not! He’s using something else. Looks like he has a good professor for it…

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