I worked at the hospital on Friday and Saturday. It’s been a long, long time since I did two shifts in a row. Friday was easy-ish. Saturday was brutal. I had all my patients from Friday and then a new nurse who was on orientation and a student nurse and, seriously, every patient was crazy. I don’t mean crazy in a insulting way, just crazy in the way all of us are crazy when we are sick/tired/at our wits end and, you know, unfiltered. I was called both a racist and a heathen who will burn in hell. It was that kind of day.

These were taken on Friday, the quieter day.

2 thoughts on “Hospital.”

  1. First of all we know you’re not a racist so that one you just blow off. And the heathen – well wear that badge with with honor. Take it from me the centers are a lot more fun than the Saints. Ha ha. Like Miranda Lambert sings when life gives you lemons you just put them in your drink.

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