Everyone is fine and no one was hurt. Vince was in a car accident late Friday night/early Saturday morning. He was not driving. This happened on the freeway coming home from a concert from Berkeley back to Davis. I guess the driver of Vince’s car stopped suddenly-ish and they got rear ended. The damage was enough that both cars had to get towed away. The police officers were kind enough to drop the kids off at a local Denny’s so other people could come pick them up. He texted us soon after the accident happened at 4:30 am, but we didn’t get the text until 6 am when we woke up and then we were able to FaceTime him while he was headed home from the Denny’s in another person’s car. He did have some concussion-ish symptoms and we tried to encourage them to route to the nearest ER, but they went home and then went to urgent care the next day and got checked out and cleared to just take the next few days easy and to come back if they feel worse.

Vince was feeling well enough to go to a Halloween party – he worked hard on his costume.

We spoke to another aftercare place on Friday, they were very nice, but they center their program on community outings such as hiking, bowling and swimming and, they admitted, that they were having a tough time hiring staff and didn’t think they could accommodate Edda’s needs right now.

Jeremy rode 75 (!) miles on Saturday. Gorgeous weather.

I decided a few weeks ago to go part time (about 60% time) at my desk job and that starts today. I put in for a year, but I think, realistically, it’ll last until March/April of next year. I’m taking my own sabbatical, haha and boy do I need it. I’m intending to work at the hospital a day a week during that time and then I’m going to try to work on an exit plan for the nursing and to then go back to full time at the patent office. To celebrate, I made a chocolate cream pie, which was devoured at Sunday night dinner.

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