Elka in heat.

So Elka went into heat on Friday. She’s just about 10 months old now. I can’t remember Ruby’s spay surgery, we must have done it before her first heat. Maxi came to us at four months already spayed, we didn’t do that surgery, the rescue did that already. The rescue we got Elka from wanted her spayed at the 6 month mark, and I probably signed papers that I would do that then, but our vet recommended that we wait until Elka was a year old before spaying (for better orthopedic maturity), though she was totally open to having Elka spayed at 6 months and said they did a lot of spays at the 6 month mark. So we elected to wait after her first heat to have her spayed. Also, I’m kind of curious…what is a dog in heat like? I didn’t know! So I waited. I bought some heat diapers? or maxi pads? underwear? for her at the 6 month mark and waited some more. And then on Friday we got to use them! So exciting, lol. I got these, very pretty, citrus pattern – three pairs with little absorbent areas and a hole for the tail. Elka doesn’t fuss too much about wearing them. I had taken Elka to the dog park on Tuesday (before all this bleeding) and I think all the other dogs knew that she was about to go into heat because there was way more humping action than usual. Jeremy laughs every time he sees Elka wearing her underwear. I’ll just see him walk into a room and he’ll look over at Elka and chuckle and say, she’s so cute with her underwear! I think Elka would make a great mom, so I am a little sad she will not have children. I also thought Ruby would have been a good mom too. Maxi would have lost her mind, all those puppies trying to touch her – she would have not known what to do. But this is pure speculation, I have no idea what they would have done.

Also on Friday, Scarlett came over to spend the weekend. This led to a not quiet night. Scarlett, who has lived with us for many months before, wasn’t used to having another dog in this space. So she would not settle on Friday night and we had to sleep in different rooms and split the dogs apart. But now they are fine. Scarlett’s parents got married this weekend, so they are busy.

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