Little updates.

Elka is still in heat. It’s been interesting – her vulva continues to impress us with its size and turgidity. Haven’t had any boy dogs come running up to her or anything. The internet (which has never known to be wrong) says that a male dog can smell a female dog in heat from over a mile away. That seems….not quite right.

Look how happy I look running this marathon! I think this was at mile 18 or 19. Doesn’t it look that I could run faster? It sure does. Haha. I could not have run faster, I just look like I could have run faster. But it is true that I was having a good time. The more I think about it, the happier I am with this marathon experience. I’m glad I’m not running the NYC marathon this weekend – low of 62 high of 72 and humid. ugh.

I finished this book in our 2-person-book-club (2PBC? TPBC?). I finished it first, which never ever happens. The writing was both beautiful and completely meandering. The author is a poet and the entire book reads as if it were a poem you don’t quite understand, but at the same time, the words are strung together so beautifully and in a unique pattern.

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