Sunday update.

I spent some time napping yesterday. Elka came an found me and curled up next to me. Jeremy snapped some photos. Classic – my favorite pastime. Pokemon Go running on my phone.

My doggie sleeping next to/on me.

I also spent some time making St. Louis gooey butter cake. I learned about this particular regional dessert from youtube (where else?) and had wanted to make it for a long time, but it does take a long time to make because it’s a yeasted dessert – meaning I make a doughy layer and let it rise for three hours and then I put a seperate topping on it and then bake it for another 35 minutes or so. I was a little worried because I always have trouble with yeast, things never really rise predictably for me. I have had much trouble with challah and focaccia. One of the steps in the recipe called for a 10 minute mixing of the yeasted dough and wait for it to form a ball and pull from the sides of the mixing bowl, but that never happened. It still remained stuck to the bowl after 12 minutes of mixing, so I sighed and credited the yeast curse and just proceeded with the rest of the recipe.

Everyone loved it (so satisfying when people love something you make, especially when it is such a rare occurrence for me) and there is only this one slice left at the end of the night which I saved for after my fasting blood draw and my shingles shot this morning and it was delicious!!

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