Feeling poorly.

I’m feeling poorly this morning because of my shingles shot (which I often write as singles shot). I should take a Motrin and lie down. I’ll do both soon enough. I’m so old – look at my text string with my 50 year old friend.

I also failed to get into the potential buying line for Taylor Swift tickets. She’s not coming to DC, but to Philly or Pittsburgh. Honestly, I think if I did get into line for this and also did manage to get tickets, I would have needed to give them away to lots of young women who are clamoring to go. I’m not clamoring to go. It’s a mix of it’s too much trouble, it’s too much money (I’d have to book a hotel!) and maybe I feel like I don’t deserve it. Who knows. Anyways, it doesn’t matter, this waitlist is a harder waitlist to get off of than the Harvard waitlist. I’ll just wait to see Tay-Tay when she’s 50 and I’m 70. xoxo.

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