Thanksgiving wrap up!

We (me, Jeremy, Edda and Chris) drove up to Kimberton on Wed, leaving our house at about 10 am. We had lunch at a drive thru McDonalds and made it to Bob and Katherine’s place by mid-afternoon. There were a number of musicians there who were staying a few days for a music residency program that Bob is setting up. It was nice to see Bihan again especially, she was living at the house in 2017 when Edda had her spinal fusion surgery. Bob led us on a tour of the campus and we saw cows (I didn’t take photos of the cows, sorry!)

That night, we had dinner at the local Chinese restaurant run by Vietnamese folks. Emy had showed up by that time and we had a lively pre-Thanksgiving dinner – it was quite busy – lots of take out business.

After staying at a local pet-friendly hotel (Elka came with us), I drove to the Philly airport to pick up Vince who had taken a red-eye to be with us for three days. He’d never visited Bob and Katherine’s place and though this year, I think he could have managed to go to a friend’s house, last year, he was sitting alone in his dorm room still trying to establish friendships just after his incredibly isolating freshman covid year. I wanted him home this year, even if home meant an industrial kitchen an hour outside of downtown Philly.

My parents and Robert and Ying showed up mid afternoon from Maryland and went to work in the kitchen mashing potatoes. Jeremy most of the dishes, kudos to him as I know it’s difficult to host in a kitchen that isn’t your own. He brought his own knives, potatoes, various other kitchen supplies, but we forgot the cranberries!

And then we headed home on Friday morning to be greeted by Isabella who hung out with Edda on Friday night and Saturday.

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