We are fine, but Christmas was stressful, and at times, full of unhappiness and hurt feelings. But, we made it through, and now it’s the day after Christmas and we with determination we move onward and upward. A highlight of Christmas Day was a walk on the C&O canal. I had wanted to hike on Section A of the Billy Goat Trail, but it was closed due to flooding, so we made do with a more modest hike along the flat canal. The boys were entertained by throwing ice and sticks onto the frozen water – I feel a bit silly having Swedes entertained by ice, but I guess it was fine and fun. So cold! But bright and beautiful and I’ll include the photos of my two nephew-in-laws and one that Felix took of me.

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  1. I am sorry to hear about the unhappiness and hurt feelings and stress — those are so often byproducts of family gatherings and/or holidays but I wish they could just take a break for one day! Glad you are moving onward and upward.

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