A holiday, slightly sick house.

The house is starting to fill up with Martins. Jeremy’s parents arrived yesterday in the afternoon. The Swedes (two of which are covid+ (yikes, I know.., I know..)) are arriving on a flight this afternoon. Emy and Seth were supposed to arrive yesterday. Our house is full and we knew it would be full and found possible places for them to say, but both houses where they could have stayed have sick people (my parents, my dad has a cough and is on antibiotics (covid -) or next door at Mike and Sofie’s, they are sick too (covid -)), so I think they are coming to say hi and drop off their cat (we are long term sitters as this Christmas stop is just a stop on a cross country move, they’ve been packing and packing for weeks before this Christmas break and are headed west on the 26th), we are booking them a hotel room. So the tentative plan is have the covid + family quarantine in the basement until they feel better (the basement is not a crappy basement, it is a finished basement with full sized windows). Apparently, the latest version of covid is mild and quick – 4 days of positive tests vs 10 days for us in April of 2022. We’ll see. Last night at dinner, we recounted the many, many pre-covid holidays we’ve had where we’ve all been slightly sick. Did we used to just be sick all the time and hand it around like a plate of cookies without caring very much?

I realized I haven’t properly introduced Ginny, who is Edda’s new weekday caregiver. She started in October? Anyways, she is a lot of fun for us and for Edda. Edda’s gone with her to football games and plays and so we are grateful for her presence. She’s in Florida this week and soaking up the sun. She’s visiting a Floridian friend who said – it’ll be cold, be sure to bring your jeans! lol. It’s going to be 9 degrees here today!

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