Gift wrapping.

So I don’t like wrapping gifts, I don’t like wasting paper and it takes time to wrap everything up. So I’ve had this tradition (I acknowledge that no one else really likes this tradition, but no one else is stepping up to wrap gifts either) where on a certain unknown day, we just stop opening deliveries to the house. And then we move all the boxes to the tree on gift opening day and open them all at once – not knowing whose gift is in which box. Vince usually opens all the boxes for us. One year, we got windshield wipers for Christmas. This year, I’m sure there is a toilet flushing mechanism and dog food for Christmas. Honestly, I don’t buy very many gifts for our family (usually everyone just gets one thing) so this makes opening last longer and more funny. This year, the opening day needs to be earlier this because I will need to wrap the few gifts for secret santas this year. There are only 4 that need to be wrapped, and I’m happy to do that.

Yesterday, Jeremy drove Vince to see Yushan’s lab in Delaware ostensibly to see if Vince would be interested in spending the summer working in his lab. I asked Vince how the visit went and he laughed and said that he thought that he was the excuse for two old friends to spend the afternoon together to talk about hydrogen fuel policy. lol. Jeremy said during the 90 minutes of talk about policy that maybe Vince looked like he was going to fall asleep and then he told me that I totally would have fallen asleep too.

2 thoughts on “Gift wrapping.”

  1. I personally love love love your gift wrapping solution. I mean who doesn’t love Christmas morning getting an Amazon package of toilet paper ha ha.

  2. Ha. If only all the packages coming to the house were intended for the residents of the house, we would be able to do this. I did get the last package for other people today, though, so I’m quite excited that I am going to drop off three parcels at the post office and be done with holiday shopping. Woot woot!

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