Weekend update.

So, as you know, I don’t wrap gifts. We only open delivery boxes. But I realized the secret santas would start on Sunday Dec 18, so the boxes needed to be opened before then. So on Friday Dec 16th, we held what I considered, the family gift opening day – 9 days before Christmas. Elka got this funny hat. My father walked away with the best present of the night, an Apple Watch. Normally, I would not have gifted this to him as I thought he wouldn’t be interested and the watch can be a little not intuitive to use, but sometime in late fall, he got really interested in Jeremy and my Garmin watches and we gave him an old one to try out and he really enjoyed it and texted us questions about it, so we decided to get him the most recent Apple watch which pairs better with his phone and is just better overall. We are all eyeing the Apple watch – but not yet for any of us, I’m patiently waiting for my Garmin watch to die, usually the battery or the charging port – though it’s still quite hardy and I get texts and it tracks my running better than the Apple watch (for now – it’s next iteration, I think, will surpass Garmin’s running capabilities). Jeremy is always deciding when to jump ship from Android over to Apple – he covets all Apple things besides the phone itself – the watch, the earbuds, the iPad. So whenever he switches over, it will be an expensive day.

Elka did not like her hat. She’s pretty good at taking it off her head and then eating the pom pom at the top.

Jeremy spent Saturday morning clearing out extra jars. He likes to keep extra around, but we were starting to get too many extra.

Saturday night, we went to Jen and James’s annual Christmas party – our first non-family, big party after Covid. We saw some old friends from the dog park there and had a good time. We walked the couple of miles there and back to play Pokemon go and spend some time with each other at night and also condense the time at the party (we can be a bit intimidated by parties) and we put on our best themed-outfits.

And because we were walking in the dark, Jeremy put on his light-up safety vest!

On Sunday, we did the secret santa gift exchange for the DC martins (I did wrap these gifts!). Vince and I made a tiramisu and as a gift for the first night of Chanukah, I let Bette have at it by letting her unabashedly licking the serving dish from which dessert came.

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  1. Elka is such a good sport. We’ve yet to try and put a hat on our dog – I have a feeling she’d be upset early on and then forget about it.

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