Baby! Not mine, thank goodness.

The Christmas excitement continues….Ning had her baby yesterday! They were here on the 10th and she was already 3 cm dilated – the baby not due until Jan 4th and we were like – that baby is going to come any day now! Grandma wasn’t scheduled to come until Christmas Eve, so we told them that if they needed help with Noah if the baby comes early, we would be happy to step in. The parents went to the hospital at 9 or 10 am, Noah was already in day care, so he spent the day there. And then Dara picked him up at five and brought him to our house for dinner. We had Ginny and her son here and then we invited Mike & Sofie over and it was a raucous party.

Tons of credit goes to Sofie who happily entertained Noah until 8:30 pm when it was everyone’s bedtime. Brian came by to drop off clothing and loveys, but there were tears and a hard goodbye.

Yes, we set up the tent the the master bedroom. The house is a disaster, laundry not done, paper and packages strewed all over the place, toilets all in mid-repair (I needed to replace and repair almost all the toilets in the house before Christmas, last weekend I spent hours, and hours doing this…they are almost all done and working) – and now I keep making it messier by setting up tents and trains and other things all over the house.

And Edda had (unusually) a strong seizure in the middle of the night last night. We don’t often see them, but I think they are on the uptick these days, unfortunately. And then Noah got up and had a bowl of Cheerios and blueberries.

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