Elka: golden/pit mix.

Yes, we did pay to have Elka’s DNA tested – it was far, far more interesting that Vince’s we got a few days ago. Turns out our snuggly, sweet pup is half golden and half pitbull. No labrador! No long locks, no golden color. And no hound despite her occasional howling. And her sister is in Annapolis (!) who I DMed to see if we could have a meetup/playdate. No response yet. And we can see all (I went through the top 10-12 most closely related pets) her golden cousins/aunts/uncles – one in particular said her golden was on the smaller side (as is Elka) and is very empathetic (as is Elka as well). Now we are left to wonder – was Elka’s mom the pit or was she the golden?

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