Jeremy with a relatively new person. I have no information about this baby except that they probably live in Northern California and their parents enjoy plaid.

More animal photos. Pip always sleeps with me. Elka decides nightly if she is sleeping with me or sleeping in her dog bed on the floor. If she sleeps with me, I need to roll her up in a burrito with the quilt, otherwise she stretches her arms and legs straight into me in the middle of the night and it’s all pokey.

Here’s Ivy (and Edda) working with me. Ivy is up to no good like looking for pens to mess with with or nuzzling up to my computer screen or walking across my keyboard.

One thought on “Update.”

  1. I am actually quite allergic to dogs and cats. I take allergy medicine every day and we’ve never allowed either our dog or cat into the bedroom with us. I dream about sleeping with them, though, and am jealous of your nightly cuddle friend!

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