Downtown, lucky trade, retiring.

Jeremy went downtown to his office yesterday! Unbelievable.

He was gone for only about 5 hours. I think Jeremy and I are spending way too much time together. I knew this was going to happen once I quit the nursing job. I’m working on finding an “office” for myself where I can go once a week for a few hours and do something helpful and talk to other people who are not my husband.

Alex, who used to live across the street, is an avid Pokemon player. He’s been trying to get together to do a “lucky trade” because we are now “lucky friends”. Jeremy and are serious players in the sense that we play everyday, but it’s usually as motivation to go on an extra walk (you play best when you are on a walk), but we really don’t understand the rules and pay no attention to which Pokemon do what particular things and which ones are rare or desirable. Honestly, it’s too much to remember. You know, when people quit smoking, they might turn to gum? Or instead of having an eating disorder, you might turn to an exercise disorder? Pokemon Go replaced Instagram/Facebook for me. So I use it when I normally would have turned to social media. I like not knowing that much, because then I can’t get obsessed about catching any particular Pokemon. Anyways, this was the exact text that Alex sent me when he asked if I was home to do a lucky trade:

Do you have a boosted Kartana or a regular Zekrom with fusion bolt you can mirror trade?

Literally, wtf? I have no idea what any of those words mean. I said no and then I thought he wouldn’t show up because he didn’t want any of my lame Pokemon, but he did and scrolled through all mine and marked the “special” ones that I need to keep or evolve and became friends with Jeremy because Jeremy needs friends (in Pokemon, that is).

Our beloved morning bus driver is retiring after 37 years…she might have driven me around to school back in the 80s.

2 thoughts on “Downtown, lucky trade, retiring.”

  1. Oh, please tell her congratulations on retiring. Every time you posted something about her or her picture I’ve been so grateful because you can tell from the photo that she’s someone that you can trust with and his care. It’s weird how a picture can tell you that, but I could. PS I love volunteering for meals on wheels.

  2. Oh, what a lovely day for the beloved bus driver. (Also, how has she been working for 37 years? She barely looks 40!) I hope her replacement is amazing, too!

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