Weekend update.

We had a pretty busy Sunday of President’s Day weekend. Ning, Brian, Noah and Tristan came over and Sofie too (Mike wasn’t feeling well) for a morning brunch/cupcake celebration. Jeremy taught Sofie how to do pull-ups with the band assist.

I squeezed in a trail run between brunch and meeting up with Megan to do a fused glass art class in downtown Rockville. (I have no idea what I’m doing with the running…I’m just…running – which feels both good and strange, because I usually train, but it’s fine.). I invited Megan to do this class with me because I’ve wanted to take an art class here for the longest time and I’m on the lookout for someone to do things like this with. Megan is game for anything (except things with water – so no kayaking for her) as long as I come up with the ideas – so there’s been game night, ax throwing and now glass plate making. It was a very nice class, we had a good time making arty things.

I’m actually very excited about the plate I made and I can’t wait to see it all melted down into a curved plate. It’ll be done in about two weeks. Because the class ended at 5 pm and we were hosting Sunday night dinner, I invited Megan to the regularly scheduled DC Martin dinner where we were all in fine form – talking about poop, gyn exams, CBD, dumbasses, mustaches, primary bedrooms, SSRIs and certifiably crazy people – which we do pretty much every week, but was, I think, very interesting to Megan.

On Monday I worked a bit, Jeremy worked too, but Edda had Ginny care in the morning and then in the afternoon, Edda went to camp for six hours where they gave her lunch, did some tie dye activities and went outside. Edda’s camp has holiday hours! I kind of couldn’t believe it when they told me. (But, alas, Edda was the only participant that day, both good and somewhat lonely-ish, but I think Edda did not mind and had a good time. I do not know what to do in this situation because I was given a choice of whether to send Edda or not on this holiday day, do I say – no Edda doesn’t need to come – so the staff can have the day off? Or if I said no, would they be there anyways without any kids to tie dye with? Or do they really want to work and want me to say yes, Edda will come! Jeremy said to not think about it too hard, but I can’t help it, I do.) With the found time, Jeremy and I went on a long walk together in the afternoon with the dogs to find some new Pokemon stops and to chat with each other. There were many families out, I think it was 60 degrees in February – no one was wearing a jacket. We introduced the dogs to many children – one of which coughed in my face and I was like – oh well, I’m totally going down.

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