Sofie’s birthday.

Sofie turned 12 yesterday! We threw a chosen family party – she had a peer friends party this past weekend at a pottery studio and yesterday on her actual birthday, we wanted to throw a party for the important grown ups in her life. So originally we were expecting a party of 17, but a Ning and Brian and kiddos were sick, so it took us down to 13, but then 2 extra surprise people showed up and we were 15. Mad props to Jeremy who made the requested hamburgers (Jeremy ground the beef himself and formed the patties) and cheesy potatoes (from scratch with russet potatoes with a cheesy roux that my mom raved over) for 15 people on a Tuesday night when he had a full day of meetings and I was out all afternoon right up to six pm when the party started because I needed to go to first day of a great looking aftercare for Edda where I introduced the staff to all of Edda’s Edda-isms (more on that later, fingers crossed).

We did outsource the cake – red velvet – to Nothing Bundt Cakes which is across the street from my parents house. So I had them pick it up on the way to our house and my dad had never heard of them and he said, they sell only one kind of cake! And I said – well, it’s called Nothing Bundt Cakes, so yes, only bundt cakes, lol. Sofie has a lot of adults in many parts of her life, so it was nice to get to know each other as we had dinner together.

And, of course, dog pictures. Elka and my mom.

Elka and the kids.

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