Pip returns to Philly.

Bob and Katherine flew back from New Mexico on March 1st and Pip’s reunion with them was very, very touching. I think he spent a good 5 minutes licking Kiki’s face. They spent the night here – we had dinner with Louisa and Ginny and her partner Felix and it was nice.

Ivy, the cat, is bolder everyday, this night filching the taziki off of my plate during dinner.

The next day, Jeremy drove them back home to Kimberton where Bob now has a new job (because they fired the other dude on Feb 28th, haha – you better believe we’ve been talking about this for a year at least) – the Director of Development – which means his retirement lasted like 18 months? He’s already holding meetings to try to get raise a $20 million dollar endowment for the place. Jeremy was going to spend the night, but he saw that Bob was already starting to work and Katherine was settled in, so he turned around and headed back to me.

Pip is back in his old spots, barking at things unknown.

Sleeping in his couch spot.

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