Orange tires.

Vince usually asks for very little. For example, he asked for a Costco membership when he turned 21. He really never asks for the latest phone or a new computer or Lego set or video game or airplane tickets or help paying for parking tickets or any random thing-y unless he really needs it and then oftentimes he hesitates to ask. Because of this, both Jeremy and I tend to feel indulgent towards him with little ridiculous gifts and, in turn, he indulges us by participating in our little material desires. Jeremy’s favorite color is orange and there is one bike tire company that comes out with their “color of the year” tire this year it happened to be bright orange and he couldn’t resist buying them for Vince. (I asked Jeremy why he didn’t buy them for himself and his various bikes and it’s because they would be a step down from his tires, but a step up for Vince’s bike in terms of bike tire performance.) Vince obliged by promptly installing them on his bike and snapping a quick photo for us. lol. ridiculousness.

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