Weekend vibes.

Jeremy went on a long bike ride on Sunday. We are having beautiful days!

Elka is very lucky. Each time Jeremy goes on a long bike ride outside, he rewards himself with ice cream from the shop down the street. He takes Elka with him and she gets a pup pop which she enjoys and devours quickly. Sometimes (rarely, really) when they are out on a walk (without the long bike ride), Elka can persuade Jeremy to go to the ice cream shop to indulge for no other reason than they both love ice cream.

I feel good these days, I’m enjoying feeling happy. When I was younger and went on antidepressants, I often struggled with the feeling of like – am I the real me? when I’m on medication. Or am I the real me when I’m off the medication? But this time, I just don’t care. I’m grateful that the meds pulled me out of my mental funk. I’m old. I just want to enjoy my life. I want to snuggle with my family and feel content.

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