I had a lovely Mother’s Day. It was a gorgeous day in Maryland and Jeremy went for a long bike ride in the morning. I hung out with Edda and we did some work and folded laundry. I injured my left hip flexor last week, it had been getting tight from the weightlifting (weighted reverse lunges…) I was doing and then I tried to compensate by doing more yoga and then I really hurt it doing a bird of paradise move in yoga on Monday. The worst thing about getting injured besides the actual pain of being injured is that I have to tell my coach that I’m injured – which I did like four days after being really injured. So I took an entire week off of any exercise and I started again yesterday – lifting – backing up on all the weights and testing out the flexor. It’s not bad, but it’s not perfect – as all things in life.

Jeremy came home in time for me to hang out with Lauren at Pike and Rose where I had my first acai bowl (good) and we got to sit outside for an hour or so to chat and catch up (great). Then I walked around for a while trying to soak up the deliciousness of the day and then headed home.

We had Sofie and Mike and Jojo over for Sunday night dinner – and we had my favorite cake which also happened to be Alice’s favorite cake – so that was nice and we enjoyed being with each other and missed Alice together.

Vince called in the afternoon and we blew kisses at each other.

My own mother came back from China and is now in her Portland house a few days ago and is, unfortunately covid positive and I called her and she was not feeling very well. But I also called today and she’s on the mend, feeling better.

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