Court of Honor, the claw, Ticket to Ride.

We are having a very social weekend. I got my haircut, then we went to Austin’s Eagle Court of Honor. He’s in a different troop from Vince’s so it was at a new church and the ceremony was slightly different, so that was fun to see. This may be our last ECoH – Vince is now three years out of scouts and our relationships with the troop gets more gossamer every year.

Edda dressed up and was very happy – so happy that she started “talking” during the ceremony. I grabbed a hot dog bun from the unserved buffet table and started feeding her pea sized bread bits. The ceremony lasted one hot dog buns worth.

Jeremy loves these occasions because it’s the only time he reliably gets to eat sheet cake. We were hoping to fit a shopping trip between eating the sheet cake and our next social obligation, but the ceremony started 30 min late and the sheet cake was slightly delayed in serving. I asked Jeremy if he wanted to skip the cake to go grocery shopping, but he indicated that he wanted to stay for the cake.

We went back home so I could meet up with Megan who really wanted to see Love Again – which very much featured Celine Dion who is her favorite. I did not hear about this movie, but I was very happy to go. I really wish Hollywood would make a great romantic comedy again – I would go to all of them. Instead, they like to make Marvel movies. The movie was fine, not terrible, but the premise was really thin and didn’t really make sense. Megan apparently is very good at this claw game and we spent three dollars trying to win something, but we did not win anything. Next time.

Then we went back home where Jeremy cooked us some dinner and we invited Sofie over to play some board games. We are trying to learn how to play Ticket to Ride. We did not succeed. Also, no one wanted me to take their photo.

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