NASA, tinned fish and gotcha.

A small update on the children, OK? Edda was overjoyed to see Ms. Megan back at school as evidenced by this photo. Edda loves her teachers. Part of me feeling better is that all the forms I have to fill out on Edda’s behalf don’t feel as unbelieveable daunting. When I was feeling terrible, I couldn’t even really look at the forms and when I did start to pick them up to work on them, I would just want to crawl back into bed (which I did. often.) We started finally receiving the SSI checks for Edda that we applied for a year ago and I had to join the NASA federal credit union to set up the representative payee account (none of the big banks seem to want to manage this type of account (actually not a surprise)) and in order to join the credit union I had to join an “I LOVE SPACE”-type non profit. We do love space and space exploration. That took only two in-person visits to the bank and hours wrangling on their difficult to use website. Of course, all the websites that I need to access – SSI, credit unions, medical assistance renewal, doctor’s offices, prescription refills, etc. etc. are all clunky and difficult to use, but if I want to buy shoes that cost $900, that website is as smooth as buttah.

Edda is sporting her Purple Rain the-artist-formerly-known as Prince shirt that I bought for her at the Minneapolis airport from a dedicated Prince store where the employee who checked me out looked a lot like Prince and told me very, very seriously – wash cold, hang dry. DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER. I looked back and him very seriously as well and said – of course, I’d never put Prince in the dryer. But alas, I have already reneged on my promise. The house is only big enough for exactly one type of laundry workflow – which is wash and then dry in the dryer. Don’t worry! Prince survived the dryer.

Here is Edda moving out of her comfort zone. As part of the end-of-school-year fun, Edda did get to do the color run. Perhaps it was not her favorite thing to do. But it was a gorgeous day and Mr. Pat is very enthusiastic, yes? And update on the Daybue medication. Both Edda’s primary insurance and secondary insurance have approved the medication, now the drug company is working to have them work together. Usually the primary insurance picks up most of the cost and the secondary picks up the (substantial) copay. We’ll see what happens and when a shipment will arrive. The drug company rep called me last week and said – you must be frustrated at why this is taking so long. And I said – not really. It’s taking exactly as long as I think it would take to get my hands on a drug that’s is like a bazillion dollars.

We’ve been talking to Vince a bit this week. He still has like 3-4 weeks of school left even though all his Maryland friends are home from school already. We have been chatting logistics of the summer and planning for the future. I asked what he was doing last night and he said – Oh! It’s fancy food night. He told us that tinned fish are in vogue right now, so it was tinned fish and cheese and mango board night. Lol. This reminds me so much of Jeremy. Tinned fish was not on Jeremy’s radar in 1995 when he was wooing me, but there was cheese and an avocado (which back then, was exotic and not to be found on the East coast) and a cutting board that he took out into the woods with us on a hike and he served me the most beautiful lunch in the dappled sunlight.

Yesterday was Elka’s gotcha day! We celebrated it by going to the dog park and giving her lots of treats like fried chicken! We are so lucky that Elka is ours and we are hers.

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  1. I’m so interested in what’s going on with Daybue, so I appreciate this update. Fingers crossed it works out in the end.

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