Dinner, car, massage.

On Sunday, I went to family dinner with Edda and without Jeremy which is relatively unusual. Izzy, their oldest dog (not pictured), is not doing well. She was coughing during dinner and unstable on her feet. I got to cradle her in my arms for a little bit so she could rest and sleep.

We are still trying to avoid buying a new car until after all the college bills are done. Our cars are from 2011 and 2014 and the phone magnetized to the dashboard is becoming obsolete (our phones tend to overheat giving directions when in the sun and the trip is long), so Jeremy bought a car play system which bluetooths to our phones which will be in the shade tucked in under the cigarette lighter (do we have one of these? I think so.). Of course, he has figured out how to work this thing and I have not.

I had a massage at Hiroko yesterday which was a very relaxing start to a long, not very relaxing day.

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