Tires, capybara, stuffing.

Jeremy is about to leave for a two day business trip and he still has the lingering effects of his cold and try as I might to be mostly cheerful (and I am – mostly cheerful), I’m a bit grumpy these days. Jeremy does not go man-cold on me, he still cooking, cleaning the kitchen, buying tires for the van, taking the dog for a walk, so my grumpiness is generally unwarranted on my part, but it’s the undercurrent of my mood.

A few months ago, someone said that I reminded them of being a capybara and I didn’t know what a capybara was (my meme game is very weak), but somehow I became enamored of this description of me. Though we asked Vince if I reminded him of a capybara and he said no, that Edda was the capybara of the family. Anyways, Elka has been playing with the skins of her stuffed animal for months now and I decided to buy her a stuffed capybara for her enjoyment and it came yesterday (our Amazon Prime day is Tuesday. I heard there is a way to download how much you have spent on Amazon into an excel spreadsheet. I shudder to think of 20 years of expenses laid out so clearly. Did I really need that fart book? or those slippers that lit up? or that cookie press that lives on in the cabinet, never used? no no and no).

Anyways, I was hopeful that Elka (as I write this, I think I’m having a hot flash – I haven’t had one in a long time, since summer of 2020… hmmm…) would not destroy it immediately. She was so happy to receive the gift and ten minutes later I found her kind of asleep curled around it on the floor – nuzzling it.

But then this is what the living room looked like an hour later. The entire thing de-stuffed. Oh well. I should try to find used stuffed animals.

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