Weekend update.

I worked very very little this past weekend which is unusual for me. I often do put in substantial time on the weekends because my days during the week are often interrupted with camp drop offs/pickups, paddleboarding with Elka, seeing friends for lunch, etc. I’m quite lucky to have such a flexible schedule, but it does mean that I often don’t get into a flow state. I’m always interrupted and each day is different in the same sort of way, so it can be hard for me to reconstruct yesterday when I’m in today. Sometimes, the weekends are the quietest for me when I can get a lot done.

On Saturday, I went to see Past Lives (by myself). It was quite good, but I wanted it, somehow, to be better. I dunno. I think my attention span is now shot and I can’t watch movies that are just character and conversation based without getting a little bit bored. On the other hand, I watched that new Spider Man movie when Vince was home, and it was so hyperkinetic that it gave me a headache. I got a haircut and I ate lunch out and I came home.

I was expecting to work all day on Sunday, but I happily got a text from a new kayaking friend asking me to go kayaking with her and her husband on Sunday morning. Her husband is also a kayak instructor and I knew we weren’t going to do anything crazy. I did flip the boat at the end of the outing and I managed to do it close to a very stinky part of the river. I was hip deep in rotting silt trying to empty the boat of water and also to not lose my shoes 2 feet below the surface of the muddy bank. I came home covered in dirt and very very smelly.

Jeremy biked a lot.

Edda upped her dose to 50 mL on Friday night and there was poop everywhere on Sunday afternoon. Isabella was here to help, but man, it was something. So we backed it back down to 40 mL to reassess. I’m not sure where we are going with this. Jeremy and I don’t see any improvement with Edda’s symptoms.

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