25th anniversary adventure begins.

So we are starting our 25th wedding adventure extravaganza. Earlier this year, Jeremy (who has accumulated so much vacation that he is starting to lose it) lamented that we never go on vacation. I had much less vacation because I often used vacation to work a shift at the hospital (crazy, I know…), so I had encouraged him to go on a long vacation without me, but he didn’t want to do that (1. because he didn’t know what to do and 2. even though I say it is OK, in the end, I’m always slightly grumpy to be left at home doing all the home things) and so we made an effort to see what could be done about this and we came up with a 7 week travel plan with Edda (skipping the first month of school) and Elka and me working from the road part time. Even though I do work remotely from my physical office (what I often refer to as the mother ship), I’ve never picked up my laptop to go anywhere else to work because when I work, I use 2 enormous screens and a printer to do my job effectively (I work with a lot of documents). It’s hard to imagine doing my job well on a laptop screen. But we figured it out. And the office, in the past, has made it harder to move your location around, but that has been more streamlined because of the pandemic. So we figured it all out, bought new tires for our van, and our 7,000 mile adventure began yesterday.

The first leg of the trip is driving to Los Angeles and does not involve me or Edda. Edda has one last week of camp, I have less vacation, so I need to work. Jeremy is taking Elka and his mom with him for this part of the trip. We had a few hiccups before the launch date of Friday am which included a sudden case of gout (Katherine) and an abdominal abscess (Pip) which both involved trips to urgent care and medication, steroids and antibiotics respectively, but both are fine now (thank goodness!), and we made our ETA of Friday am.

The van is packed. And the trip begins.

First stop is Ashville – we tried to make it there spring of 2021? I can’t remember anymore. Or was is spring of 2022? We got covid and cancelled at the last minute. But Jeremy is there now. Pizza for dinner.

Elka settling into the air b and b for the night. She has her party pants on because over the last few weeks at home, she’s regressed a bit and started peeing on one of our living room rug which is, arguably, our most used rug in the house. Why?!? Why?!! Why do you pee where we live? The only other pee-er (Maxi) would pee if we forgot to take her out after 8 hours and she would tuck her pee in a far away room. Elka is 100% perfect except for the pee. Sigh. We all have our issues. So Party Pants are on for the duration of this trip because it certainly is a party.

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